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The co-operation between dentists and technicians is aimed at providing high quality tooth replacement that restores and enhances the quality of the patients' life.

The partial denture technique according to BEGO system provides the materials, equipment and knowledge for meeting the high demands in this field.

Steve has attended many BEGO training courses and uses the BEGO system and materials along with the latest vacuum/pressure induction casting equipment.

The alloy used has important influence on the quality of the partial denture. All BEGO partial alloys have been tried and tested over many years and form an integral part of the BEGO material and equipment system and meets requirements beyond German and International standards.

All materials used are CE approved.

Wironium alloys are top of the range from BEGO. Their high ductile yield and outstanding elongation limit ensure stiff frames with excellent activation capacity.

Wironit alloys also posses' excellent mechanical properties that exceed the requirements of DIN EN ISO6871-1.